B2B Networking: Legacy

I recently read an article titled ‘The case for QR codes’ written by Jonathan Houston; Memeburn. The whole concept behind QR codes is brilliant. My first introduction to the technology was when a colleague invited me to connect our Blackberry’s messaging service using our phones’ personal QR code.

What?! My phone has a QR code?!

 She simply swiped her phone over mine with the QR code appearing on my screen and that was it; we were connected. A bit too easily if I’m honest!

In Houston’s article he describes how Homeplus, the South Korean division of Tesco, has adopted this concept but not only adopted it, they have absolutely conquered the idea! As Houston explains, Homeplus has “replicated its store shelving on the walls of the subway with each product being featured. These shelves look exactly the same as to how the shelving would look in real life.”

"Blue juice please."

Picture it; you’re on your way to work, 7.53am, you’re running a tad late and didn’t have time for your bowl of cereal as the winters come in, the clocks have gone back; you’re generally non-functional in the early mornings between November – January. Along comes your train/bus/helicopter (whatever your preferred mode of transport) and it’s covered in fruit, cereal bars, energy drinks etc. You simply scan your phone over the item you so desperately desire which has its own little QR code (providing you’re not using a Nokia 3310) and you are directed to the shops mobile site where you can choose your quantity, payment and delivery method.

Instantly, I think of the film Tron: Legacy. Are we all destined to live a life like robots? If we’re too busy to even pop into a shop to buy a cereal bar and have a bit of quick small talk over the exchange of 60p, when will it get to the point where we don’t require shop keepers? I’m now picturing the self-scan machines in Tesco’s with a robot’s head attached. That’s going to be even more of a nightmare when you’re trying to buy your beers and the robot requires age clarification!

“Invalid identification, unable to recognise date of birth, please remove beer.”

What Homeplus has done is genius however deep down I am a bit of a phobic when it comes to these crazy technological advances. Seeing as I work for a company that is all about face-to-face communication I wonder if the concept will truly hit off.

I try to apply the QR code scenario to B2B networking; instead of a wall of cereal bars appearing on your bus, you see a wall of business men and women related to the industry you work in. (How the bus knows what industry you work in, is a secret.) Let’s say you need a new accountant and within the line-up is Bill, Amazing Accountant from Amazing Accountancy Ltd.

“He sounds amazing.”

Scan his QR code and instantly you have his contact details of which you can email, call, text, tweet, recommend, share, like, ‘link’ with, etc, etc.

Now that’s just daft. Or is it…

– Emma Taylor
Twitter handle: Emma4Thrive


About Emma Taylor

Marketing Executive for Thrive for Business
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