First piece of lego to your business empire…

“The current economic climate isn’t just a cliché; it’s real.”

Lego Man valued his relationships..

I feel quite brave that the first sentence of our first blog post relates to the overused, much-hated ‘R’ word.  As much as we don’t like to talk about it, we are all still affected by it. But rather than moaning about it and using it as an excuse, we here at Thrive are viewing the situation as a benefit.

Initially, I certainly debated that statement. How can anyone possibly see any benefit from being poor? That’s how I first viewed it anyway. However, because we are in the business of networking, we are ultimately in the business of relationships. Never before have relationships been so vital to increasing an organisations development (unless you are operating in the East) so why not pay more attention to them?

All of us are holding on to each and every penny with even more strength than ever before and because of that we’re not too keen to just release them away to anyone we meet over a cup of coffee.

So, my far-fetched theory is; if you want to keep profiting and you understand there will be times when you actually have to pay for things you’re going to want that payment to be of great value and to go to some you know, trust and preferably think is quite decent. If they’ve got a similar sense of humour that can be a bonus.

It is your business after all. If you were going to take your business out on a date, you wouldn’t just take them out on any date. Oh no, no. Your business definitely deserves quality and decency. Agree? So, moral of the story; give your money to decent people.

No, that’s not really what I was getting at.

The real moral of the story is; you want to ensure your relationships are true and valuable. You can’t just trust people over the phone or over one meeting anymore. As I’m sure we all know far too well, relationships and building trust take time (too much time in some cases!). But surely that time and commitment is worth it if in the long run you’re getting at least a bit of a good return. To me, that’s the first piece of Lego to my empire.

Emma Taylor
Twitter Handle: Emma4Thrive


About Emma Taylor

Marketing Executive for Thrive for Business
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